Stuck in update installer boot loop - not enough HD space


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Aug 27, 2017
Just tried to install the latest update on my 2016 MBP (with no previous issues). After restarting, I was met with a screen that said I didn't have enough space in Macintosh HD - data, and it said to restart to try it again. Tried it a few times but still didn't work.

So then I restarted and held the option key so I could choose the boot up drive. I did this and selected the Macintosh HD drive instead of the macOS installer. However somehow it just showed me the same 'not enough space' screen as before. Did this a few times, same result.

Any ideas? Thanks


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Feb 14, 2013
Boot with CMD+R; from Recovery mount your disk with DiskUtility.
Try to free up some disk space using terminal.

What version of Catalina were you installing?


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Jun 30, 2007
What is the size of your boot disk? How much free space do you have?
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