stuck on apple logo (i have tried looking at past threads)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by lolixNYAFUUN, Jan 11, 2011.

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    uhmm please don't get angry if this has popped up before but all the similar ones i've looked up didn't have a solution that worked for me. the problem was probably caused by my ignorance when it comes to technology...

    i just bought an ipod touch second hand and pressed the delete all and reset settings from the ipod. it said it will take about 1 hour the load bar appeared etc then it stopped on the apple logo.

    i waited around 2 hours. it was still on the apple logo. found some questions on various sites mentioning screens frozen on the apple logo/looked up on youtube.

    i tried hard resetting but the guy's ipod(on youtube clip) only stayed on apple logo for ..well less than a minute and said it should take a few seconds or a bit more. mine is still on the apple logo.

    i found some solutions saying turn off the ipod, then connect to dock whilst holding down the home button and wait for it to show up on itunes.
    it wont show up on itunes...

    so the questions are...
    how long should i expect the apple logo to stay on the screen?
    how long should i wait before looking for some help from someone else...?
    has anyone experienced problems like this and know how to fix it?

    i mean ... if it's SUPPOSED to take hours... then i guess i'm just impatient but ...i don't think it's supposed to?,, :(

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