Stuck on Shuffle


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Sep 5, 2007
same problem...

i've tried everything and to no avail...i am still stuck in shuffle...i restored the iphone via itunes...and still


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Jun 19, 2007
Novi, MI
what do you mean stuck, i mean if you are listening to a song and the artwork is visible, tap the artwork once, and then when the scrubber comes up hit the shuffle button so it turns not blue, i dont know if this is what u need


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Dec 1, 2010
Finally I can turn shuffle off!

I also registered just to say thank you. There are specific albums I listen to when I run. There's a shuffle icon in the screen with the list of tracks. Pressing it in that view wasn't turning off the shuffle. And there's nothing in settings. It wasn't until I touched it in the album art screen that it finally turned off.

Thanks for the solution. This problem has been making me crazy for several weeks. Apple take notice!


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Jan 12, 2011
Problem solved, huge thanks

Me too, just had to say thanks, this has been doing my head in! Pressing the "obvious" shuffle button does nothing but the "hidden" shuffle button (activated by randomly tapping the album art) works a treat. Seriously, Apple, did this never come up in beta testing? I also note that this has been an ongoing problem for over 4 years! Perhaps I'm an idiot for not figuring it out but us idiots need to be able to operate our iPhones too! haha! Great forum, keep up the good work :D


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Apr 9, 2012
Stuck on Shuffle

I also joined just to say Thank You for solving the Stuck on Shuffle nightmare.
I had to teach a yoga class tonight with a playlist stuck on Shuffle. Thank goodness I discovered it was stuck before I began and not during.
I phoned around young and old ipod users, asked everyone at the class and in the end just had to wing it with only a minor disruption when it began shuffling and shaking. However the class was about Going with the Flow so I did just that. Then I came home and checked online and here is the answer waiting for me.
Who would have thought of such a simple solution as tapping the screen!


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Aug 23, 2012
Tap Once and hit the reset...

Thanks for the tip. But...

Perhaps a little more explanation would be useful.
When I see the playlist I can only see the ratings control.
So I switch back to the album art in portrait mode.
I tap once.
And nothing happens.
I tap once again.
And nothing happens.
I tap and tap and tap and tap and tap and tap...
And FINALLY, the Repeat, play time, Genius, Shuffle control comes up.
I press the shuffle icon to make it white instead of blue and it is no longer stuck on shuffle.

So, Tap Once is a misnomer. I tested it again and again and tap once isn't sufficient. Basically, you have to tap it once for every time you've cursed Apple for this stupid, freaking, non-intuitive user interface. The more you curse them, the more Siri stacks up random tap costs.

Why oh why oh why is the ratings control more important than the repeat / playtime / genius / shuffle button control.