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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by pereirar23, Mar 10, 2015.

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    Mar 10, 2015
    i'm not really a tech shabby guy, so please bear with me on my ignorance. Right now, I have a macbook air < 2012 > and honestly I've been killing for a reason to upgrade ( going to college in the august!). Its a 64GB and its awfully low on space, battery life is awful, and is running slow. I've purchased clean my mac and run it daily to clear my caches and I've even deleted a few of my backups for my iPhone to make space to function. Right now the usage looks like this:
    60.7GB Flash Storage
    24.9GB Other
    12.86GB Audio
    9.34GB apps
    1.94GB Photos
    1.46 Movies
    1.8mb Backups
    8.96GB Free
    I have a lot of music from my disc collection that I really want to transfer them to my iPhone but I can't because I simply do not have enough space. I also have a lot of photos on my iPhone that I don't transfer to not take up space. Similarly I have a movies that would nice to have on my iPhone. I'm honestly think that I could easily hit 20GB in music. I also save all my files from pages & numbers on iCloud but I'm also about to hit the 5GB on that to! I'm considering two options right now. Upgrading to a macbook pro 128GB and possibly buying and external drive or buying the 258GB macbook Air. I really want to macbook pro because its processor and Ram is better then the macbook air but I would only be able to afford the 128GB. I use the internet on my macbook air now and leave some of the other functions like gaming and other functions on a desktop, I won't have access to this in college! I probably won't be gaming in college but I would like to be able to use Microsoft word, powerpoint, etc. all while internet browsing without experience lagging. So guys, any input?? Macbook Pro ( might buy a external drive ) or 258GB macbook air???
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    Aug 3, 2011
    If you're not gaming, go with the macbook air - it'll do everything needed for college work + some.
  3. Samuelsan2001, Mar 11, 2015
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    Oct 24, 2013
    If you aren't going to game!!!

    Then get the new Macbook... 8Gb Ram 256gb super fast SSD and a retina in an even thinner and lighter package with 9 hours battery for £1049. Seems perfect for school and everything you want to do....
  4. aquilc, Mar 11, 2015
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    Depends on what college course you will be taking.

    If you do not need a lot of processing power, go for a 256GB MacBook Air. I also suggest you to get an external Hard Drive to free some space on the computer and for backup, just in case something happens to the Macbook which you will be getting (Even though SSDs are much more reliable than HDDs, you are never prepared for the worst.)

    Try to move some of your data onto an external HDD to save some space.
    I would go for a 256GB MacBook Air.

    Also if you're planning to use Windows on it (through bootcamp), do not buy a Macbook Air/Pro with less than 256GB of space storage is not recommended (in my opinion). Windows requires a minimum of 64GB to function properly.

    Also first wait for some expert reviews and user experiences if you entertain the thought of getting new MacBook, I have my doubts that the new MacBook can deliver processing power with the new Intel Core M chips.
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    256 is faster than 128, 512 is faster than 256 and 1TB is faster than them all.
    Get the biggest one you can afford.

    That said, you can always store things externally too.. So ANY will work.

    Get the new rMB - faster and more portable that the MBA and the screen is more than worse the extra cost.
    However if cost is not an issue MBP is a no brainer.

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