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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jmmo20, Mar 10, 2009.

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    I got a new iphone last week as a replacement for my previous one that had cracks over the dock connector and the headphone port.

    Last Friday as I was leaving work, I noticed a very ugly green pixel on my iphone. I thought It was a dead pixel on my new (1 day old) iPhone. So I immediately called Apple and they said they would replace it (in Spain you have to send the iphone, and wait for them to check it up and send you a replacement one back - it takes a week or so).

    As soon as I got back to my lab I noticed the green pixel was gone!.
    I thought I was crazy.

    But just yesterday night I noticed a RED pixel right at the VERY SAME spot where the green pixel was last week. After a while this pixel died too.. I could see it dimming away and pulsing for a bit, then it was gone.

    I saw the same red pixel this morning, I installed iPixel from Cydia and now the pixel is gone again.

    How likely is this to keep happening?
    I don't feel like sending the iPhone because that means a week without an iPhone.. (I really envy you guys - you can just go to an Apple store and get it replaced!!!)

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    I have gone through several iPhone replacements, some in-store and others through the mail. The mail-in process is much more lenient, almost no-questions-asked. I have mailed in multiple iPhones for replacement because of bad pixels, and I have always received my new phone two business days after I sent it in.
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    in Europe it takes a little longer than 2 days.. but the problem I have is that the pixel is not always stuck. It comes and goes.. so I'm scared I send in the phone and they don't see the dead pixel..
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    Jun 15, 2006

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