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    Oct 22, 2015
    Hi, i understand that in apple (uk) as a student especially in uni- can get discounts for laptops etc.. one per year. I know that you can take a friend who is in uni to buy the laptop as they just show their uni ID and thats it really. But every forum ive searched through didnt say anything about apple care.

    Does apple care register in their name?
    can it be registered in a different name? or can it be bought sperately so it can be registered in a diff name?

    I decided not to go to uni this year and instead became an apprentice. we dont get as much discount as those uni students.

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    Mar 21, 2014
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    n00b, there's lots of threads that address this very matter. No worries, however. I'm a long-time Apple hardware and AC buyer - AC and AC+ (the latter for iOS devices) follow the device, not the buyer. An AC plan is initially registered/associated with the Mac in your Apple Support ID profile (not necessarily your iCloud ID). When you sell a Mac, you'd log in to your Apple Support ID profile, remove the Mac, then log out. You'd tell the new owner of your now-former Mac and it's up to them to create/modify an Apple Support ID by adding the Mac via its serial number - the support and AC details will propagate to their Apple Support ID account.

    The only issue that might arise is whether the Mac was or wasn't registered with Apple, but that's another matter - and it's addressed within your Apple Support ID portal.

    As for discounts, shop the local "refurb" Apple Store - nice discounts there too. Cheers!

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