Student Seeking MBP... in a complete stalemate


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Jul 11, 2007
Alright, so I've been reading this forum for a couple months and just registered recently. I'm enrolling into college as a freshman and as a grad present my gramps offered up a 15" 2.4 GHZ MBP. I opted for the cash instead of the physical computer when I graduated, because at the time I was deadset on waiting until October. But after some thinking my current plan is to buy it now, so I can get the free printer and Ipod Nano rebates. Then, I'd sell my Ipod Nano and use the free $200 to justify upgrading to 200 GB, and save the other $100 for Leopard in October. Now, two questions:

1)Should I just wait for Leopard and forgo the free printer?

2)Is there really such thing as a voucher that I could potentially get that would let me upgrade to Leopard for free in the fall?

3) Is an external harddrive worth investing in for timemachine/music server purposes? It almost seems impractical to keep an external hard drive when the whole purpose of a laptop is mobility

Please respond I need some expertise.


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Jun 16, 2007
1) no, buy now
2) not currently, people are hoping though.
3) yes, for backups aka time machine when you do upgrade to leopard. :)


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Jan 20, 2007
I second second both those posts :)

It's really good to have a large harddrive in your actual laptop IMO simply because that way you can have more with you at all times and like you said the idea of a laptop is mobility. However, it is equally if not more important to have an external, and as they are getting so cheap now a days, it's stupid (IMO) to not invest a little bit in one that is equal if not more then your laptops harddrive. This way you can move obsolete files off your portable (old projects etc, especially in college) that you will want to keep, but don't need to access.

Not to mention the purpose of the drive is to BACK UP YOUR SYSTEM. I have a set up where I auto update whenever my laptop is plugged into it (usually at night) once a week so I always am sure that my current work will be backed up. There are a variety of programs you can get (do a search here if you have questions) for just tha purpose. (ones that back up actual full files as they are, or there are also programs that will create zips or images of your current system every so often so as to take up less room if this is a problem)

A laptops purpose is portability, but with portability comes more potential hazards to your equipment external AND internal. Backup drives are good to have in case of a problem with your computer where you have to send it in and things get wiped (who knows.. always the chance) or your harddrive dies etc.

Goodluck with school! and ENJOY your purchase! Buy now and have fun the rest of summer!


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Jul 11, 2007
I would say 'buy it now' ! In fact thats what I did yesterday :). I ordered a MBP + 30 GB ipod + printer yesterday online. I am planning to sell the ipod and upgrade to Leapord few months down the line and maybe the new iWork also (which is a rumour as of now).


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Jul 11, 2007

Thanks guys for all your help, you've made my decision and I'm getting it as soon as I can convince my parents to spring for the stuff w/rebates. Thanks a lot. Any external suggestions?


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Dec 11, 2006
You get $100 off a printer and $200 off an iPod. Leopard is only $69 for students. $300 > $69.

Get it now.


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Jul 10, 2007
$300 > $69.
Leopard will but $60-80 with a student discount, and be about $120-140 without. Where you got $300, I don't know.

Buy now...but maybe not the 200GB HD. Its only 4200rpm compared to the stock 5400. Think about the 7200 160GB or stay with the stock and use the extra money for a larger external.

For an external, look into buying an internal drive and a case instead of a prebuilt external.


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May 21, 2007
Leopard will but $60-80 with a student discount, and be about $120-140 without. Where you got $300, I don't know.
He's saying that $300 outweighs the cost of Leopard. He'd get $300 worth of iPod and printer rebates that he wouldn't get if he waited until Leopard came out.