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    Hey guys quick question what is the warranty that you get if I do not select the "EMEA CC-HE contract uplift MacBook Pro [+ £60.00]".. I've talked to an apple representative and she said I just get phone support extra..

    Is this true ? If I have any problems I will be going to the apple store rather than phoning anyway ? what do I get extra by adding this to my macbook purchase.

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    A believe you wrote a similar post in a main board discussion today as well?

    I answered this there, hope you saw it.

    In summary yes you get 3 years warranty for free (NOT available in store) and the main difference with the £60 extra is the extra 2 years phone support. You don't need to go into an Apple store if there is a hardware problem, you can still phone.

    Details can be found on a thread I made here.

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