Studio Display + Mac Mini


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Aug 12, 2006
London, UK
Hi, I just bought a 17" Studio Display for my mac mini and the input is not compatable, I knew this would be the case but I just dont know what the adapter I need would be called. So my question is what is the adapter called that I need to connect my display to the mini?

I have the adapter that came with a mini (normal video input > mac mini input)

Thanks in adavnce


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Aug 30, 2006
iVersa said:
Anyone know if [this] would do the same job? Its cheaper and no wires or plug.
No, that goes the other way, allowing a DVI monitor to connect to an ADC computer. The reason why the Apple ADC - DVI converter is so expensive is that it has to combine USB, DVI and power all into the one socket.

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