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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by RWYNYC, Mar 29, 2013.

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    Today I bought some Samson Resolv A8 Studio Monitors from Sam Ash. The rep told I would be able to run rca cable from Monitors to my Sharp Aquios TV.

    Too make a long story short. These speakers were obviously defective because the power cords were missing and now one of them is not working. The rep sold me the wrong ipod connect wires so I am not sure if he evens knows what he is talking about.

    If I am running HDMI cables from my TV to xbos, blue ray and cable how would I get sound to speakers through rca cables from what ever I am playing if I running the other device through HDMI cable

    Does this make sense???
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    Not really, because we don't know exactly what connections your TV has. :)

    I have a pair of Samson studio monitors that I got about 10 years ago, and have been using them with my Sony Bravia TV since 2006. My TV has RCA audio output jacks that send the same sound that you would hear through the built-in TV speakers. I think this is very common and most TV's will have it.

    So, in othe words, it doesn't matter what devices are feeding signals INTO the TV. You just want the studio monitors to receive the same sound that's coming OUT of the TV. The audio menu on my TV also has the option for the external speaker level to be controlled by the TV remote.

    So with this setup, everything works the same as if I were using the built-in TV speakers. I'll bet your TV is similar - take a look in the manual if you can't figure it out. You should be able to find it online if you don't have a hard copy. Typically you would need a cable with a male RCA plug to connect to the TV and either a male 1/4" phone plug or XLR to connect to the studio monitor (depending on what it can accept).

    Sam Ash or Guitar Center should have these in stock, as will a number of other stores.
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    Those speakers are a good value. Decent sound for not a lot of money.And yes each one needs it's own power cord so you need two.

    If your TV set has RCA "line out" these will typically be labled "audio out" and be white and red. RCA cables will go from there to the speakers.

    Some devices like an iPod will have a tiny 3mm TRS jack and for those you need a splitter cable that has a 3mm one one end and RCA on the other.

    No one here knows how your system is set up. But if sound can get to the TV and the TV has audio out then it can get from there to the speakers.

    Odd that you are shopping for entertainment speakers at Sam Ash. The A8 is typically a studio monitor and works well as a near field monitor. I guess they might do OK for home stereo too.

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