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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by krossfyter, Jul 20, 2005.

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    if i wanted to have a basic studio setup to mix and record my own music what would you all reccomend? which mac? im looking for the cheapest possible setup being that im not too sure whats good enough for me and i dont want something massive if i wont be able to use it.

    idealy looking to do my own artistic sh*t alla trent reznor.

    i know i want garageband and the jam packs. im thinking maybe an 80 gig mac mini but i may need more power dont know which is why im asking you all.

    what interfaces am i looking at to bring instrument sounds (guitar..percussion etc.) into the puter? what else would i need for this setup? cheapest possible set up that will work for my needs.

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    >cheapest possible set up that will work for my needs.

    Problem: We don't know your needs.

    > bring instrument sounds (guitar..percussion etc.) into the puter

    What is your guitar set up now?
    Do you have an amp/cabinet simulator with a line out or will you be mic'ing a speaker in a guitar amp?
    Do you want more control over the guitar sound than you have now?
    What microphones do you have?
    How many analog inputs would you be recording in at one time?
    Several players at once, or one instrument at a time overdubbing?
    Do you have a mixer already?
    Is it live percussion or a drum machine? Or both?

    All of these questions are fundamental to deciding on the interface, software and machine that are right for you.
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    ya what he said, more detail is need, and I doubt a mac mini will have enough juice for what you want

    one possible cheap set up is:

    Used Power Mac G4 tower
    You can use garageband to record your stuff (guitar ect.)
    1 cheap midi keyboard, (for the virtual inst. on jam packs)
    Some kind of cheap 4-8 channel mixer if you want to record more than one sound at a time.
    And Mics, again, cheap ones. (go to a pawn shop)

    That'll get you started. Cheaper than the recommended G5, protools/logic, new shure mics, mackie mixer ect. $$$$

    If you wanna save loot, go for used stuff, slightly riskier, but this is all about saving money right?

    If you can afford Reason, that would take care of the Synth craziness, and sampler stuff, reason is like 299 or something.

    Good luck

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    Jan 25, 2005
    Just like quigleybc says.. some good advice there..

    I'd also put in that you want a Line 6 Pod for your guitar. Trent uses one, loads and loads of people do :)

    Another thing I'd say is DONT scrimp on mics. 1-2 good mics are a lot better than several cheap crappy mics. Couple of Rode NT1's/NT2's would be nice.
    Believe it or not, you can easily get a good drum sound with 3 mics if you know what you are doing. If your going to do vocals, you want a pop shield make one with a coat-hanger and an old pair of tights. As good as the $30 ones, but cheaper than a can of coke.

    Start off small with some nice equipment, then when you get better you can decide to upgrade. The beautiful thing about studios is you can constantly add stuff to your setup (just make sure you get a 3rd job to pay for it)!
    If you only take one point from my post - DO NOT be cheap with your microphones. Couple of condensers and a multipurpose dynamic (a la Shure SM58.. ) should sort you out for a while.

    Start practising your mixing skills by downloading those two NIN songs in Garageband format and have a go (search the forum for the links).

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