Studios sign off on movie downloads

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by e-coli, Jan 5, 2007.

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    Coincidence that this is announced on the last business day before MacWorld? Probably not IMO.

    Also, for those investors out there, Jim Cramer picked Apple as one of the top growth stocks of 2007. Of course he has his own agenda, but...
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    do you have a link ? if true this is fantastic news

    EDIT: found this at

    Previewed in September, the iTV will have a new name and some detailed specifications, though recent rumors indicate a release later this year. However, no matter how capable the iTV might be, there must be more movies. Currently, Fox is the only new movie studio rumored to have worked out a deal with Apple.

    It's time for the yearly priming of the iPump, with new versions of iLife and iWork increasing Apple's revenue stream. Last year the new title was iWeb, and this year rumor has it there is a spreadsheet. Beside "Numbers," expect incremental improvements to the other iApps, with iWeb probably getting the most love. New features are rumored to focus on Web 2.0 nonsense, such as real-time pictures from built-in iSight cameras in applicable Macs—watch the one-handed surfing.

    As for Leopard, the only sure thing is another demo, possibly including "secret" features not mentioned by Steve Jobs at WWDC 2006, like resolution independence and ZFS. It's likely a release date will be announced, probably in the spring

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