Study shows how spammers cash in

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    News story: Study shows how spammers cash in

    Researchers at the University of California (Berkeley and San Diego campuses) ran their own spam campaign (but without actually selling people anything or stealing any personal information) to study spammers' return on investment.

    Those 28 foolish people are costing everyone else a lot of time and expense.

    The researchers concluded that spammer profit margins are small enough that disrupting their networks could interfere with their business viability. In this case, the researchers hacked into the spam network but didn't interfere with its operation. Presumably, their technique could have been used to disrupt it instead, by blocking traffic to zombie PCs.

    Perhaps they could even inject messages to alert owners of those PCs that their machines had been compromised.
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    I say go for it. Certainly no worse morally than what's being done by the spammers. Then again, it could be a sign (though hard to discern from essentially a single data point) that spamming may be approaching burn-out. One can only hope.

    Given that the vast majority of email any more is spam, finding a way to substantially mitigate this technological morass is to be viewed as a positive.
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    According to the book Spam Kings, some of the really "good" spammers can haul in a rather startling amount of money.

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