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    What is studying like where you live? Is there tuitions in your school and do you know people that haven't been able to study because of money? What's your basic day like? Do you work while studying? I'm curious because all I know about the studying habits of people around the world is thru movies.

    Studying in Finland is a blessing. There's no tuitions and the government pays you student support about 600 dollars per month. Also you can get a student loan for a very low interest that is backed up by the government and student housing cheaply.
    I'm studying law in Helsinki University and usually it's eight ours of lectures every day (not mandatory, the exams are) and some presentations and group exercises. It takes 280 study points to become a lawyer here and usually getting just two study points means memorizing about 1000 pages of law text.
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    I'm from Copenhagen, Denmark, and I left to study law in the UK in Wolverhampton for 3 years. I finished last summer 2006. I'm taking a gap year and will study a 2 year Masters at Copenhagen Uni this September. The reason I left was because I got tired and wanted to study abroad.

    The tution fee for students starting their degree in 2006- is around £3000 per year. I received government support just like you did as education is free in Scandanavia. It's around (£360 per month) I don't complain :D Student loan is at 4% and you have to start paying a year after your finished with your education.

    To become a qualified lawyer here you need to graduate with a qualifiying law degree. Usually this is a LLB bachelor but there is trend now for student s to study history or physics or any other subject and then do the conversion 1 year course (which includes only obligatory law subjects i.e. torts, contract, public law, eu law, etc.). Firms don't look at you if you don't graduate with less then 2.1.

    The law degree was tough and I really do not want to go through that again :D It was only 2 or 3 days lectures. around 2-3hrs each - rest is self study and coursework around 3-4000 words and exams. Basically you don't have social life and study all hours of the day and research.

    After the degree you decide which route you want to take: barrister or solicitor (depending if you get 2 year training contract with a law firm which will pay for your 1 yr Legal Practice Course or else you will have to pay £8000-12000 depending on institution)
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    Interesting discussion ... :)
    Well, I study in Paris.
    Tuition here varies from almost nothing(several hundreds euros) to like 85.000 euros a year for an MBA at
    There are many scholarships& all other kinds of benefits for students.
    "Ambiance" depends on a school, as well.
    The best one (based on party reference&crowd:) )is at INSEAD, though.
    Something that I've concluded on my own:" At university one is only supposed to follow the leader (professor), creativity is not welcome".
    I don't advise anybody geting into "a principle fight" with your professor at French university. The prof won't ever admit he was wrong even though it was more than evident and you might end-up studying on your own ...which is usually my case:)
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    Well INSEAD is in line with London Business School and they are the top 2 places to study for an MBA in Europe for all you business minded people.:D

    I think tuition is around £40-50K for London Business School more expensive then Havard Business School.

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