Stuffit Expander not working


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Jul 10, 2005
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I cant getStuffit Expander to work! When i download Yahoo for mac, it is a .bin file, the download manager in Firefox says "Open with__Stuffit Expander" but when i download it it tries to open it with Quicktime. I looked with Spotlight but I dont even have Stuffit on my mb! I try to download it but they say they will email me a link to download it but they never email me nothing! i have tried 3 different emails! wtf...


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Jan 9, 2004
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Mmmm, okay, one step at a time.

1) Get StuffIt from VersionTracker instead. (Note: I linked to the Beta universal binary, cuz you have a MacTel. If you want the stable PPC version to run under Rosetta, select the last non beta version from the pulldown on the page, which I think is 10.0.2).

2) Install it.

3) If the file doesn't identify as a StuffIt file, you can run the stuffit expander from your apps or utilities folder or wherever you put it, and then drop the file either on the dock icon for Stuffit or on the window that pops up.

Hope that helps?