Stumped, Mac geniuses please help (hard drive question)


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Jul 3, 2007
Fairly easy question, but I am stumped here....

I am giving my laptop to a family member. I made a new user, and deleted my old username. The only user on the MBP is a new fresh user. So there is zero media/files on the computer at this point other than the system & applications. Problem is my laptop is showing 110GB of 160GB. The system files take up roughly 29GB. So that brings me to 139/160.

I know you don't get 160GB with 160GB, its less. But not 21GB less. Anyone have a clue what I'm missing?

Here's a pic:



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Apr 15, 2012
Why not just do a clean install of the OS? That way you're also sure that all your personal data's been deleted. ;)


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Jun 4, 2012
as the first guy suggesrted, wipe the drive and clean install it, that will reset and get rid of all ur stuff. msuic , video, contacts, history, documents, porn, and everythig in between.

its not hard just youtube how to do a clean install of mac
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