Stupid HDMI DVDPlayer Question.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by HelixOmnimedia, Feb 4, 2007.

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    This will probably be the most stupidest thing I'm going to ask...
    My DVD Player which I bought 2years ago has a HDMI OUT port at the back, it was a cheap Toshiba which only cost £25 ($54 approx). I don't remember reading anything about HD in the instruction booklet. So... Does this mean that this DVD is HD? and can play HD content by linking it via HDMI to a compatible TV?

    I know it's a stupid, maybe obvious, question, but just wanted to check and make sure.
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    Jul 4, 2005
    There are cheap upscaling DVD players here for about the same price (maybe a little more) that have HDMI out. I would presume it would be capable of doing the upscaling - no point having HDMI out if it doesn't upscale to HD is there?

    Have you checked the model number against the Toshiba website to see?
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    Thanks, I'll check the model number against the Toshiba website.
    Should have stated it in the original post: SD-350ESB.

    Thanks Again.
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    Jul 24, 2002
    HDMI is just a digital connection. You can happily pass SD content over it. If you had an LCD TV then, in theory at least, you would get a better picture by not converting to analogue to send to the TV via component.

    The manual indicates it can output 720p or 1080i over HDMI so it must have an upscaler to convert the low resolution DVD data. The question is: is this upscaler better than the one in your TV?
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    HDMI carries both audio and video in the same cable. DVDs native format is 480p. To get this video to a monitor, you need either component video (analog) or dvi/hdmi (digital).

    Just because it has HDMI, does not mean that your dvd player upscales. It might. Or it could be that it is cheaper for the manufacter to add an HDMI output instead of a DVI output. The HDMI connector is much simpler than DVI, so this might have saved them 50 cents or a dollar... Sell a million of something, and you just save a good bit of money.

    You should figure out what kind of upscaler is in your HDTV and what kind is in your DVD player. Find out which one is better. It could be that feeding a 480p signal to your tv will result in better quality than a cheap upscaler.

    Good luck

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