Stupid iMessage question using diff apple ID

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by Matth3w, Oct 31, 2012.

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    Right now my main email for iTunes, app store etc is (obviously not exactly that but just for clarity sake). I know you can use sharing etc but my wife and I never did. She never really used apple products until recently now we have both bought stuff under email1. So we both log in using email1. This is a pain and has become a problem ONLY when using iMessage as both the sent and received messages show up on the same side of that makes sense. So I have an old apple ID that I've never used as far as I can remember. So I've set up iMessage and only iMessage to use Seems to work as my iMessages now function correctly and I can still update my apps using

    Will this configuration present a problem ever? My wife is using ios6 I'm using 5.01 due to being jail broken. Just wondering if this will screw up once I upgrade to 6 or something or any other problems you foresee.

    Sorry if I'm confusing I'm on a flight typing this on my phone.
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    My wife and I share an iTunes account with an AppleID so we do not have to buy the apps twice (once for her, once for me). We also use this ID for PhotoStream so we have access to all the pictures.

    But with respect to iMessage, FaceTime and anything which you want individual, she uses her own AppleID for those things.

    You just have to go into settings and over-ride some of the features with the independent AppleID

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