Stupid printer driver! Help.


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Jul 10, 2004
New Orleans / Lafayette, La
I had my Canon i950 installed on my mac (10.3.7). I unplugged it to use an HP printer I have which works well. Now I've come back to use my canon and Panther will not install it even after I installed drivers from its CD.

This is what happens when I try to add a printer in the printer utilty. It will not let me select the i950 to add. What do I do?



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Aug 2, 2004
daveway00 said:
I need help. Hurry. Project due on friday.
I guess I'm a little confused - if the printer was installed and working, and all you did was unplug it, why do you need to reinstall anything when you plug it back in? Did you uninstall the software when you unplugged the printer?

Have you tried downloading the latest drivers from Canon's website?

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