Stupid question about the iMac...


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Aug 15, 2007
The item you are looking for is the elgato tv hybrid:

It allows virtually zero latency and therefore is good for gaming. I was hoping to buy one for my new imac to play on an xbox 360 but i am unsure because it only works at 50hz and so some games for xbox (e.g Gears of War) will not run properly through it. I have also heard reports that other games have not displayed very well. Also it only allows composite not component connection so the games will not play in HD quality. It may be worth a try but i would advise reading around this product to see if there are any more reports about it, as far as i can tell there are very few options apart from this since the imac has no video in.


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Jan 25, 2007
I have an eye tv hybrid and use it with my old X Box and it works wonderfully. Forget "virtually" zero latency ... there is no latency issues at all.

the posters are correct will not display HD. I haven't tried using it with my X Box 360 so I'm not sure if there are any unique issues that might come up with it.

Good luck.