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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by wackymacky, Oct 7, 2008.

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    We I decided to get a dock for my 3G. I saw the universal dock, comesn with a remote whichy I tought would be useful. I saw the icon on the bottom of the page saying it was compatiable with the 3g phone.

    Then it arrives and as may will know the phone does not fit any of the adaptors that come with the phone.

    I call apple support thinking that they have sent me an "old model" and the new one would come with the adaptor as standared.

    The man tells me that I have to buy the 3G adaptor seperatly. He poitns me to a sentece saying that "not all models will fit, and may require a adaptor".

    Then why does it have the compatiable with 3G icon? I ask him.

    Three cheers for commen sence!

    He says because that I can use it without and adaptor, and 'just be carefull you don't knock it as it may damage the port".

    I ask him will this be covered by my warranty? He thinks about this for a minute then says he will seend me the 3G adaptor without chage (given he can see I've spent over 4000 on apple products in the last 4 years,)
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    Jan 17, 2008
    You didn't get a dock adapter with your phone? It's just a piece of white plastic that initially looks totally useless. All iPods come with them, I would have thought the iPhone would too.
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    iPhone 3G doesn't come with a Universal Dock Adapter. The original one did.
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    the original one came with its own dock not a dock adapter

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