Stuttering egpu rtx 2080ti in 4k gaming (imac i9 2019). Is it normal or do I have something wrong?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by cuppino, May 1, 2019.

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    Nov 14, 2018
    Hello everyone,
    I use the signature configuration and I have a doubt (or maybe a problem ?!).
    I can't play permanently in 2160p (all the details at most) to all games with stable 60fps (I play on samsung tv 4k hdr and over 60hz I can't set).
    This resolution presents me with a lot of stuttering.
    A cod modern warfare 4 in some areas I have 60 stable and in other sudden drops to 35-40 fps which then go back quickly.
    Even in vampyr I have a similar situation.
    If I lower the resolution to 1440p everything is stable at 60fps
    In lighter games like pes 2019 everything is stable even at 2160p
    I know that using an egpu you have a bit of a performance drop, but is it normal that I should "settle" for playing 1440p or something is not working as it should?
    I thought that a rtx 2080ti card gives you € 1500 and an imac with i9 could hold 4k also as egpu.
    Fortunately the TV upscale well and from 1440p to 2160p the difference is minimal.
  2. Peter_M, May 2, 2019
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    Sorry, but you threw away a lot of money there. EGPU via thunderbolt 3 still has a massive bandwidth bottleneck for high performance gaming, which produce uneven framerates and stuttering. Even 1080ti is overpowered for thunderbolt 3, never mind 2080ti.

    You should have rather gotten a high quality PC case with silent-running fans, a 9900K CPU + 2080 ti. Couple that with a quality ultrawide monitor like Acer X34P, and you got something which is much superior to an iMac or iMac Pro - unless you absolutely need Mac for certains work-related apps. I realized I love gaming too much, and could replace all my apps in Windows. Getting a proper PC after 15 years with Apple, was the best computer decision I ever made. Ultrawide is amazing btw.

    Sorry to be the bringer of bad news...
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    Yeah I've been coming to this realization the more I dig into it, although fortunately before making a purchase. I seem to be able to run most games at a decent frame rate at 1440p moderate to high settings on my Vega 48 in Windows and think I'll just build a little PC box the next time Nvidia updates their GPU line. By then second gen raytracing will be way better and more widely supported in new games. Will probably use AMD CPU to save some money since you're not likely to bottleneck on CPU and get a pretty basic case with good ventilation. Hopefully by then blade SSDs will be even cheaper. I've been wanting to get back into PC gaming and I think the Vega 48 will be a good stop gap for the next year or two and has benefits beyond gaming for my work.
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    Nov 14, 2018
    I knew what I bought when I spent the money.
    Unfortunately for work I need a performing mac and for reasons of space I wouldn't know where to put another pc.
    With my current configuration I can play well.
    With macsfancontrol I solved (at least reduced) the CPU temperature problem.
    I am against the fact that TB3 chokes the card and I cannot have the same performance as a PC with the same configuration.
    Writing in the forum I wanted to understand how much I can improve performance and get as close as possible to the performance that a PC has.
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