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    There are many posts on these forums discussing individual, personal preference for this stylus or that. I've bought at least a dozen different stylii over the past couple of years and my own personal assessment is that while the FEELING of writing may differ from one stylus to the next, the actual output is roughly almost the same assuming one very big -IF- is in place:

    Namely, IF you are using the stylus with an app that allows you to "zoom" the text input section, then you really will be hard pressed to discern the quality of writing from one stylus to the next. This leaves the personal preference, the heft/feel, the performance of the nib against the screen, etc as your only true measure of differentiation between the various brands/types out there.

    Here's a sample to illustrate. My handwriting is fairly atrocious. So is my printing. But usually, only my family, friends and business associates needs to read my handwriting. Using four of the currently most-popular stylus on the market today, this is the result. I personally can't tell much difference from one example versus another. I can say that I PREFER to write with the Jot Pro. It just feels the best to me. But as you'll see from the examples, it provides nothing better/worse than even the cheapest Targus rubber dome tip stylus.

    The only reason I'm posting is that when you consider "the best" stylus, you really need to get your hands on a few different kinds and choose the one that feels best to you. And then couple that with an App that gives you some decent tools (like Zoom - this was from Noteability) to help use that stylus to the best of its ability.

    At least until the active stylii start to mature, I think any of these simple capacitive stylii are really all performing within 1% of same to each other.

    Note, the JPEG image will look a little jaggy due to compression. The PDF is more true to what it looks like when you print out your notes. The app used for this was Noteability.

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    I don't disagree with this at all - I have at least 6 diff types here and none of them write any diff to any great degree for me. The only diff I see is how much they drag. I should say that I never write with one, I never draw with one, they are used for me to select and use like I would my finger in various programs. I don't takes notes at all. My main use of the ipad is Keynote. I have some that get the screen pretty dirty after advancing slides all day, and some that just stutter on the screen. The Faraday styli are the best for me as they never drag and stay accurate..Certainly, YMMV

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