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  1. memo06dic macrumors newbie

    Jul 26, 2005
    I'm, looking for a program to convert a subtitle file from the .sub format to the .srt format, any suggestions?
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  3. memo06dic thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 26, 2005
    Using ffmpegX

    I don't know if ffmepgX can convert just the text file from the .sub to .srt format, does anybody know?

    I've been trying to convert an .avi file to mpeg4 with the .sub subtitles file using ffmpegX but the subtitles won't embeed in the final movie.

    What settings should I use?
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    I've never yet had any success with sub2srt and, short of booting into Windows, the only solution I've found is avidemux and that's pretty ropey.

    If your subs are still within a VIDEO_TS folder, D-Subtitler does very well.
  5. memo06dic thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 26, 2005
    Sub2Srt did the job. It didn't work on the first 3 attempts but then it just worked, thanks for helping!
  6. gpsm macrumors newbie

    Aug 21, 2008
    done it..

    yup it does work... though several hours later.. to get a result
    major4's help page actually describes the process quite well and when you work out your language and file it spits a rendered bitmap of each subtitle screen and attempts OCR to a good output to a .srt .... the easy part

    the quality of the VOBsub render is dependant on the out the output and there are no grammar dictionaries to help so the resulting .srt file is full of l substituted for I, and will ask you to learn what it doesn't know (character based) ... its about 99% accurate on a character basis... Word sometimes split but many more concatenated and such like.. This isn't to bad, most are readable and you could get away with it.. for home use.... but correcting them is a long task but possible..

    First of all dont use Word.. it screws everything up
    I used textedit and textwranger (www.barbones.com).. there are some annoying things but you can get though them pretty fast
    concatenated words are reported as misspelled and the suggestion has a - instead of space... A movie might have close on to 1000 subtitles and every 2 or 3 probably needs correcting in some form or other. I used all sorts of tricks to speed things up but it still 2-3 hours to correct the .srt file

    basic form of .srt entry = is a subtitle number + return + start time + "-->" + end time + return + spaces + up three lines of text separated by a single return and a double return to end the entry
    saved as UNIX linefeed = return (enc MacRoman?)
    eg: below
    hh:mm:ss,xxx --> hh:mm:ss,xxx

    n= Subtitle page number, hh = hours, mm =minutes, ss = seconds, xxx= 1/1000 of a second

    Here is a trick you wont find in the books...
    Using MpegStreamclip (www.squared5.com) you can export your movie as .AVI (using the XVID option) you add a -ve crop...
    OK image you have a 640 x 272 (1:2.35) AVI .. and you want a 640 x 352 (16:9) AVI with black space you put -20 in crop top and -60 in crop bottom and apply to destination and it will render with black space above and below the movie to render your new .srt file on

    Back to ffmpegX .. drop you XVID on... then set to DivX menecoder.. go to the filter tab and load your .srt with the load subs button... I find Arial Font size 0 pos 95 works for me but you can preview (Hint: set the preview time to when you know subtitles are supposed appear) it and change before you commit to render.. Hit encode bttn and away you go... beautifully rendered subs on on your DivX

    Only real "got ya".. is that by going through this process you have actually read the movie b4 you watched it.. you kinda know what gonna happen.. and you don't feel like watching it after it... put away to watch in a few weeks or so when you have forgotten what you have read...

    btw Im not only guy doing this.. there are thousand of fan-subbers across the world do this every day... always check out places like http://www.opensubtitles.org
    a srt file might be there waiting for you..
    But its nice to find a OSX solution... also all tools mentioned can be used for free to to do this

    cheers g
  7. kama macrumors newbie

    Oct 20, 2008
    This can be done without too much trouble...


    I tried all of the possibilities above, and they just don't work well. He's the answer: Get Avidemux free (use Google). There are many tutorials which show how to embed subtitles of any type using this program (starting from avi), to a DVD, and then burning that DVD. It works, and is a great way to do it.

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