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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Dify, Apr 23, 2010.

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    well I´ve got a problem :) my ipod has not enought free space for my whole library & 3 podcasts.

    itunes asked me if I wanted to manualy check/uncheck the artists or playlists I wanted on my Ipod, but I find those solutions very annoying and time consuming.
    What I wanted to do was to "tell" my Ipod for exemple:

    Ok on your 60 GB, your gona dedicate 10 to podcasts and the rest to music.
    In the music "partition" I want at least those playlists/Artists, and you fill the rest with random songs (what would have been awsome would be that Itunes choose the random songs using the ones I told him I wanted and serarching via Genius wich one he could ad to mach them up.)

    the same would go for Podcasts.

    But, I couldn't do that. I had to manualy save random Genius playlists, and then check them all so that my ipod would sinc them along with the few podcast I wanted. So now, I´ve got an empty Ipod, because I did not want to check manualy all artiste or style.

    Is my utopic partitioning possible ? does any one have the same problem with a good solution to it ?

    thanks in advance and sorry for the bad spelling.
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    Here's a potential workaround:

    1. Create a Smart Playlist for your Podcasts with the following settings:

    Match the following rule:
    Media Kind Is Podcast
    Limit to 10 GB, sorted by most recently added
    Live updating is checked

    This playlist will contain the most recent Podcast episodes you have, up to 10 Gb. As you add new Podcast episodes, this playlist will update at every syncing. When you reach the 10 GB limit, your oldest episodes will fall off this playlist (but are still available in your iTunes library).

    2. Create another Smart Playlist for your music that assembles the music you really want on your iPod into one item. Settings:

    Match any of the following rules:
    Artist is (whatever artist you want)
    Artist is (whatever other artist you want)... continue the list for as many individual artists that you need to have.
    Playlist is (whatever specific music playlist you have)... continue the list for as many specific music playlists that you need to have.
    Live updating is checked

    This one will contain all the specific Artists and Music Playlists that you really want all the time on your iPod. You can also contain rules for Genre and/or Style, if you want. When you add new items to a specific Artist or Playlist, this list will update your iPod at every syncing.


    Then, all you have to do is sync just those two Smart Playlists to your iPod, and then check the box that says Automatically fill free space with music on the iPod's summary tab. This last option fills whatever space is left over with random music that is not in either Smart Playlist above, without having to specify a third random Playlist.

    Hope this helps!

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