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    This game has tree game modes:

    Take control of the submarine and navigate your way through the rocky seabed, the icebergs, floating mines, depth chargers and whirlpools.
    Neo mode:

    Fight back the rival using the new types of weapons because now you are standing against the enemy torpedo mounts and the submarine forces flotilla, which have the only one aim – to destroy you!
    Insane mode:

    Now you have only few minutes to break out from the encirclement. You can rely only on the your speed.

    New version of the game has a lot of new features, like tree game modes, torpedoes and target-seeking missiles weapon of the submarine, enemy submarines, enemy torpedo mounts, speed controls and time missions. Each new level will be more and more intensive, exciting and breathtaking. Passing obstacles will become extremely challenging, and you will be able to lead the submarine to it’s final destination, only if you show enough courage, patience and reaction as a real submariner.

    Test your strength!
    Challenge the mysterious dark depths of the sea universe!

    New version will be available on the iPhone App Store in one week! Now You can download old version with sale and then receive free update!

    Now this game is on sale! See for features of the new version and this is pre-release video:

    Download it before update, and safe! iTunes link:

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    Developer promoting their app? Looks like it too me:p

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