Submitting CDDB CD track names for compilation of multiple artists in iTunes

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by virtualhetfield, Jun 28, 2010.

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    I've been trying to submit track names of a compilation CD with multiple artists (all different) to the CDDB database via itunes. However, when I choose "submit CD track names" under Advanced, it asks for a single artists name for the whole compilation.

    I've tried leaving this field blank but it comes up with the message: "This CD needs an artist name in order to submit this information". I don't want to add an artist name as the tracks are all by different artists. I've tried ticking and un-ticking the Part of a Compilation box (in the window that pops up to send cd track names and in the Get Info window for each track) but the same message appears each time.

    Is there any solution to this frustrating problem?




    Its a commercial CD our company has had made (world music) and one that we will be selling copies of. I'm worried that if I put Various Artists it will change the original artist fields (which we want to keep) to "Various Artists" which isn't what we want.
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    I'm fairly certain that "Various Artists" is how CDDB handles the album artist for multiple-artist albums. Certainly, that's how iTunes handles it when you get track info for an album like that (other than the few cases where there is an "album artist" different from some of the artists on the album). Checking the "Part of a compilation" box should tell CDDB that the album artist isn't the individual track artist.

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