Subnet, 10Gb connection, iscsi and router

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    I'm actually working on a Mac Pro with the 2 ethernet bonded.
    The connection go through my linksys router, and connect via iscsi
    on my PC server (2 bonded ethernet on his side).
    My router take the internet via another router (box, TV internet cable box), but it's not the subject.
    I've bough a chelsio 10G card for my PC and a ATTO 12 card for my Mac Pro.
    I direct connect the two cards (leaving the ethernet as is), put fixed IP and an other subnet for them. Here is the configuration:

    first connection (work very well, internet and iscsi disk) (PC) >> linksys ( << (mac)
    >>>>> with subnet (router is, the internet box)

    the new connection added (I've tried lots of configuration, but it seems to be the right config for me...) (PC) >><< (mac)
    >>>>> with subnet and no router indicated.

    What I want to do is to put my iscsi connection on the 10Gb connection (in the future on 2x10Gb bonded), and leave the ethernet for standard shared folders and internet connection.

    I've tried the iscsi connection over the 10Gb connection, i works, folders are discovered but it's terribly slow !!!
    Ive tried to ping, and receive 0,3ms...
    The OC and the mac are talking with each other, but with a very slow connection !!!! I've tried with 2 chelsio (only one port work on the mac but it works) and the result is the same.

    Maybe I made a mistake but I can't find a solution.
    I will try other cable between the two machines (maybe a wrong twinax cable???).

    please help !!!

    (windows 2012 server with chelsio 320 SP LP)
    (Mac Pro osx 10.8 with ATTO NS 12)
    globalsan on the mac and iscsi service on the windows machine.
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