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    Thanks to everyone on MacRumors that is helping to push Subrats into the FREE Charts! Here are some great gameplay tips to help you increase your score.

    P.S. if you're the first person to break 1000 saved rats in a single game of classic-mode play, be sure to let us know!

    Subrats Top Gameplay Tips

    - Earn an extra life for every 100 rats saved.

    - Rats can walk underneath stopped trains, but beware, because those trains will be starting up again soon.

    - If you dare to live on the edge, try walking rats between two passing trains, or even horizontally down the center of a moving train (in between the rails).

    - Don't forget to use the emergency brake (by shaking your device, or by double-tapping the emergency brake icon) to temporarily stop all trains on screen.

    - The emergency brake also disables the vicious vacuum train. Trust us, you'll want to shut it down!

    - Watch the red pulsing emergency brake icon for a clue as to when the trains stopped with the emergency brake will start again.

    - If you get into a dangerous situation and feel that there is nowhere to go, hold your finger on top of the rat to keep it in place.

    - Pick up the light bulb item dropped by the garbage train. Use it during blackouts as a power restore by pressing the light bulb icon on the bottom left of the screen.

    - When you pick up a pill dropped by the garbage train, make sure you are ready for speedy rats. Your timing will be off, and they easily run into trouble.

    - Try to avoid the green and purple cheeses dropped by the garbage train. They are never helpful.

    - Rolling the dice dropped by the garbage train is usually worth it, as your chances are approximately 3-1 to get something you'll like.

    - When you hear a garbage train approaching, try to get a rat close to the track, and let the garbage train pass by. As soon as you can, start walking behind it, so you can easily pick up the dropped items.

    - Try to collect as many garbage train items as you can, but don't take too much risk. No item is worth losing a life!

    - Pick up money dropped by the money train to add 5 rats to the rats saved counter, boosting your highscore and bringing you closer to an extra life (every 100 rats saved).

    - Puddles are only dangerous after being electrocuted by the traveling sparks. The water itself, as well as the sparks traveling down the third rail, are not harmful.

    - Pay special attention to the snail and turtle rats, as they are about a third slower than all other rats. The leopard and zebra rats are actually the fastest rats.

    - You can start activating and controlling a rat as soon as it emerges (before the casino chip disappears, and also before the rat pauses on the platform).

    - Always try to minimize the time you spend on the tracks. The platforms are safe havens. Use them!

    - Don't get too close to the back of an express train. The rat will turn into a tornado and be out of your control for a few seconds.

    - If the game is too easy for you in the beginning, try playing in Fast Forward mode. To activate, hit the Fast Forward button in the top right corner. To deactivate, hit the button again.

    - Play with sounds, ideally with headphones, whenever you can. The train, signal, and other sounds help in anticipating danger, such as what kind of train is approaching, when to watch out for poison, etc.

    - If you don't want to hear the voices of the people on the subway, just disable them in the sound menu.

    - Be sure to try the different soundtracks in the sounds menu, or start your own iPod music before starting the game.

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