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    dear all,

    i have a movie with an srt subtitles file
    i'd like to be able to view it on my iphone
    i can easily convert the video to iphone format in quicktime
    what do i do about the subtitles??


  2. Bengt77, Dec 15, 2010
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    You'll be happy to know this is far easier than you ever imagined. Just open the movie in QuickTime. Make sure Perian is installed first, though, which forces QuickTime to automatically load the external subtitle file. (Be aware that the movie and subtitle file must be named the same, apart from the extension. So you'll have MyMovie.avi and Subtitle files will, from now on, be opened automagically with the movie. Now, just choose Save As... and choose iPhone under the Format: drop-down menu. Click Save, wait for a bit, and you're done. Check for yourself to see if it worked by telling Perian to not Load External Subtitles. And voilà: it worked beautifully. Easy as pie.

    EDIT: Be sure to turn back on the Load External Subtitles setting!
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