Subtle differences in AW4 stainless


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Aug 6, 2008
Perhaps it’s just the way it’s rendered but the new AW4 SS almost seems to have another edge on the side. Or at least less rounded than S3.
There was a comment at the keynote about the stainless steel being or looking different. Maybe a slight change in the color of the steel?
Be curious to see this in person but the new less bulbous shape feels more refined and mature.


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Apr 11, 2013
Washington D.C.
It looks slightly off when comparing the two side to side here because the S3 series picture is tilted slightly more than the S4 series is (to make them seem like they're equivalent thickness when they're not).

There are two noticeable differences in design though from S3 to S4. 1) The case itself is now a more rounded shape, instead of being very much a square with rounded corners. 2) The case and cover glass isn't as bulbous as you mentioned, and it now resembles more of a flat design. Also the optical sensor protrudes less out of the bottom as well, alongside the actual case being thinner.

Idk about any differences in SS case coloring, wouldn't be able to determine that from pictures either way, since SS reflects so much.


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Oct 7, 2003
Are you referring to the shadow and highlight on the right? That reads to me as just being more curved on that side
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