Success with Double-Nat? (Time Capsule)

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    We rent an office from a larger organisation, and our connection to their network / internet connection, goes through our Time Capsule. Its WAN port is linked to their router, which uses 198.168.29.x

    The Time Capsule is set to Bridge mode, meaning it does no NAT or DHCHP. Our computers get DNS / DHCP / NAT via the big company's routers.

    I haven't been totally happy with this, as our computers can see their computers and vice versa, and it's a bit messy.

    Today, I've just set our Time Capsule to run its own NAT on the private IP we get from the bigger company's router. Our internal network is now on 198.162.0.x. This has the advantage of keeping our own computers private.

    I got a warning from the TC that it had detected a double-NAT situation. I've told it to ignore this, and everything seems to be working fine - internet and email etc. We don't use VPN, which seems to be the main problem with double-NAT.

    There's something called ARP poisoning, and router-table corruption which I don't really understand.

    Am I OK or am I creating trouble for myself and the admin of the bigger company network?

    According to Gibson I've got it set up properly...

    Many thanks

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