Such a thing as a full Siri reset? On 10.3 beta and wow...


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Jun 19, 2005
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Siri is not only totally getting everything I say completely incorrectly lately it's worse than it ever was before. I can speak like a freaking monk with perfect diction and it gets it totally, completely, incorrectly wrong. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I've been running the betas which seem to function fine for nearly everything else but I thought Apple was trying to improve Siri.

Is there such a thing as a full Siri reset to try and get it to understand me better? I can't believe how it's degraded even over the last few betas.


Feb 4, 2014
And if that doesn't work...

A friend of mine had this problem on his iPad. Eventually he recorded a video and discovered that the microphone was half static/scratchy audio because it had failed somehow (he thinks one of his kids may drink-spill-damaged on it once and not told him).

So it might be worth recording some sound to check that your microphone is working properly, as obviously if it isn't then Siri is going to have a hard time listening. An easy thing to at least rule out as a possibility :)
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George Knighton

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Oct 13, 2010
I've been very frustrated to experience something akin to the original poster's complaint.

I'm glad to hear it's not just me.
If you disable and re-enable Siri it resets and deletes what Siri knows about you.
I'll try this and report back in a couple of days.

Right's pretty darned bad. :)


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Jun 15, 2012
I have the same problem, Siri would only use the back noise cancelling microphone on my iphone, when i try to use the regular mic she cannot hear me, as soon as i turn the ph around and speak in the noise canceling mic it detects 100%

Yes i tested the bottom mic works just fine while video recording

Not sure what causes this bug
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