Such a thing as "right"?!?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Michael73, Mar 5, 2008.

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    I'm curious if there is such a thing as the "right way" to go about photo post-production? Are there certain adjustments to make before others? Or, (if you're using Aperture) do you just work your way down the adjustments tab from top to bottom?

    Do you think there are enough "experts" at your local Apple store that if you dropped $100 signed up for one-to-one you could get some serious help learning the ins and outs of photo post-production in Aperture?
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    Not sure if there's a right way... but there's a hell of a lot of wrong ways... ;)

    With simple 'sliders' for many adjustments, a lot of photographers can't resist the temptation to slide it further and further... If '5' is good... then maybe 6 or 7 will be better... Sometimes, less is more...

    Save your $100... and find the 'look' that best suits your own photography, using trial and error and the forgiving nature of non-destructive editing... :)
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    If you were using Photoshop to adjust a TIFF file then yes it matters a little which order you go in. Because in PS each operation changed pixels and we have round off error and the like that adds noise to an image. These kinds of issues don't apply to Aperture

    I think you should correct the largest problem first and then work you way down. You can't see a subtle white balance problem if there is a larger exposure problem. So I think the order to apply adjustment depends on the image. Even then some times you have to go in a circle

    I can't imagine ever needing to use every control all on one image.

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