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Sep 18, 2014
I've had my watch since launch day and have not had any problems so far. I normally charge it overnight and after 18 hours I usually have 30-40% battery life left.

Today at about 2pm I noticed it had 15% left, then 15 min later it asked me to go into power reserve mode. So I did, and it just showed the time in green. Then 30 minutes later it was dead. When I got home from work I charged it to 50% and could not get it to unlock using my iPhone since. I've restarted the watch, turned Bluetooth on and off on my phone, checked to see if I had a new app on the watch that I didn't know about (I didn't) and it still isn't unlocking and the battery is draining much faster than usual.

Anyone have any ideas on why this happened and what I should do? Thanks!


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Mar 11, 2008
Have you installed any new apps recently?

Edit - ignore this , just read that you've checked for new app


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Mar 27, 2015
Had something strange happen to my battery every once in a while and this was my post from the last time.

I'm having this issue every once in a while and it's really strange. What I notice is my phone battery will start to drain really fast. Like I can actually watch the percentage tick down. If I have a lot of apps open on the phone and double click the home button the screen freezes for about a minute and I can't close out of apps. If I close out of all my apps it tends to respond quicker. The battery on the watch also drains really fast. Like today I've been up for a couple hours and my iPhone 6 is down to 38% and my watch is at 86%.

I have a app to test stats on the phone and the CPU is at a constant 80-90%. If I switch off Bluetooth or power down the watch it drops considerably, down to about 20%. When I tried to open up the watch app it says it wasn't connected. This battery drain issue has happened twice before as well. Normally my battery life is great I get home with 60% battery and the watch tends to save battery on the phone overall but with this they both drain really fast.

I tried power cycling them both but didn't seem to help. Seems like maybe the watch and phone are having issues communicating so they are just constantly pinging each other. Not sure if it's the same thing but figured I'd put it here because it sounds similar. I did not install any apps or make any changes just literally fell asleep yesterday it was working great and this morning it's killing both batteries. For now I just put the phone back on the charger and I'll see if it sorts itself out. While writing this message my watch battery is now at 82% so that's definitely fast.

Update: I power cycled them both at the same time and put them back on their chargers and it seems to be working fine now even when I took them off the chargers.


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Sep 18, 2014
Thanks, it does sound similar. And like you, it sorted itself out since my watch battery has only gone down 2% in the past hour and I was able to unlock it with my iPhone again. Putting the watch on its charger a couple times seems to have done the trick.
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Apr 24, 2010
Dublin, Ireland
I too, have had this today. Had it since launch, today is the first day. Usually I get home with 70% left, today, not the case!! I've not had any new apps. Checked the usage, it claims it's been almost solidly in use since unplugging this morning, but I've been at work, so I've not been constantly using it.

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