Sudden iPhone 5S Atypical Battery Drain

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kbrink111, Jun 25, 2014.

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    So a little backstory. I got the phone early January and was seeing no issues. In a typical 8 hours of work with occasional usage I would be around 70-75% at the end of the day. At night, off charger with no use, I would see around a 4-5% decrease in battery by morning. Everything seems fine and dandy.

    The exact date I began seeing the issue was on May 5th. I went from the above behavior to losing 10-15% battery with the same usage in the same place. I thought maybe a recently updated app was having an issue, so I began pruning out apps by most recently updated to no avail.

    Tried all the typical methods to help with battery life. Lowered brightness, disabled location, background app refresh, always use wifi, with no improvement. Even in airplane mode with no radios on at all and not even touching the phone, I see around 10% battery loss in an hour. The usage remains next to nothing.

    Next, I tried restoring from a backup and still experienced the issue, so I tried restoring to factory settings. I thought this may have helped, but began seeing the fast drain after less than a day.

    I've connected the phone to Instruments in Xcode and watched phone activity. I could spot nothing obvious, i.e. no apps excessively using the processor or network. The only thing I did notice was in the instrument for Sleep/Wake, the phone would always be in the Wake state with screen on or off and left alone for a long period of time. Not sure if this is normal behavior since the phone was connected to the computer and transmitting data, but it is something to note. Again, along the same lines, if I check usage on the phone when testing it off of the computer, it is nearly 0 with the drain problem still occurring.

    After trying all of this and exhausting every option I can think of, I contacted Apple Support today. Ran the diagnostic tool and spoke with support. As expected, all I got was a link to helpful ways to extend battery life, each of which I've tried and more. No help there and diagnostics did not indicate any issue with the battery being defective.

    I do not think any of this is normal behavior for a battery, and I have doubts that replacing it will have any affect. I think the suddenness of the issue possibly indicates that there may be some sort of hardware defect.

    I am not close to any Apple Stores and the authorized Apple Repair place near told me the only thing they could do is run the same diagnostic that I already ran. If they don't see any issues, their hands are tied.

    Is there any way to get Apple to replace the phone with a refurb? Does anyone have any other suggestions? I've been trying to solve this problem for nearly 2 months and am at my wits end.

    Tl;dr I have tried nearly everything to diagnose a battery issue to no avail and am looking for any other advice on trying to figure it out or how to get Apple to actually replace the phone.
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    It's most likely that iOS 7.1 (or 7.1.1) could be the cause of this issue, as I did not have battery problems before the update.

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