Sudden problem with iCloud calendar sync 12/13 October

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  1. mappyuk macrumors newbie

    Oct 30, 2007
    Has anyone noticed anything odd about calendar sync between iCloud and iCal/iPhone/iPad.

    All my calendar entries on my Shared calendar appear on but in iCal there are none, iPad there are some and iPhone they are all there. I've tried adding and removing iCloud and switching on and off sync to no avail.

    Also, oddly, iCloud calendars that I deleted ages ago (Work/Holiday) have suddenly appeared today out of the blue.

    A friend who the calendar is shared with also has this problem but it has wiped all events from all of his devices.

    It started last night with the friends iPhone but today it has affected all devices. I wonder if Apple are having a problem with iCloud, but I can't see anyone else with the same problem.

    Its really strange as it is all correct on
  2. lexvdn macrumors newbie

    Oct 31, 2012
    iCloud does not push calender items anymore

    Same problem here.
    Since last weekend my devices don't receive any calender updates. When I enter a calender item on my iPad, it appears on iCloud but is not pushed to my iPhone. Also when I put something in my iPhone calender, it is not pushed to my iPad. When I put something directly in iCloud through the web interface, the calender item is not pushed to my iPad and iPhone.
    Strange: when I delete a calender item on iCloud which was put there by one of my devices, it is also erased on that device!
    On my Windows laptop with Outlook synchronisation works as expected.
    I have only one calender. Calender items entered on my devices are not entered in a local calender. I disabled the calender on my devices and removed the content; then activated the calender again. Only a few calender items were fetched from iCloud, no clue why some are fetched and others not. On the iPad and the iPhone some calender items wchich were fetched were the same, but some were not. Seems to be random.

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