Suddenly unable to access my home network remotely (Foscam cameras)

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    So I had my system all running perfectly to use Foscam cameras for remote monitoring. I configured port forwarding, etc. . and it was all working perfectly from outside my home. I could either bring up a webcam or go directly into my router if needed from outside of my home network.

    Suddenly (today), it doesn't work. If I type the IP address of my home network into my phone for instance (not on the network) it hesitates then gives me a 502 error. Same story if I use the dyndns name that used to work. The only thing that happened was a power outage (less than 10 seconds) over the weekend. This would have restarted the router but I don't think there were any settings that I configured to let me remotely access it. I should be able to go to and get my IP address and then come in (as I have always been able).

    So. . .did verizion start blocking my ability to see the router? is there a setting I need to reset? Note that I have already tried resetting the router again as well as turning down the actiontec firewall, etc.

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    The power outage may have affected your "external" IP address used by the Verizon router. Cable modems, etc do not use static IPs unless you pay extra for although you'll keep the same external IP for a long time, if your cable or DSL modem goes down, it's IP could change when it comes back up.

    If that happens DynDNS will point to the wrong IP for your home network.

    I use as my DDNS provider and they have a little utility you can run on a computer on your network (NO-IPDUCS I think it is - not home so I can't check) periodically polls my external IP address and feeds it back to my account. That way if it changes, my DDNS info is automatically updated and port-forwarding for my cameras still works with no intervention on my part.
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    You might want to reboot the router again, on general principal.

    Also, have you tried accessing the camera FROM your local network, just to make sure it works fine there? Same question for the router itself: is it accessible on the local net?

    Have you checked the port forwarding in the router to make sure it still is configured correctly?

    Can you ping the router from the internet? Do you have any other ports forwarded? Do they work correctly?
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    i agree that this is your answer from fhall1. Been there before
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    +2. At least start recording your public IP so you know if that's the culprit next time around.

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