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    May 4, 2014
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    Mac os/x 10.7.5 with Lion. I'm a Cisco network dude and I wanted to use this to console
    into a router and / or switch for configuring. I have a couple of Diablo Cable USB to db9s. Yeah, I,m not strong on Linux but I can open up my books again to rehash it. anyway, my other tech site that the usb to db9 cables will work without any drivers. just go to /dev/tty.. Trying to find this path and I thought maybe I needed to sudo su. I put in my password that I used when I first bought this mac but bash aint buying it.
    What am I missing? Also, if there is a network dude reading this, what are you using as your Tera Term type program?

    Thanks all
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    Jul 25, 2011
    I have an adapter from plugable. A driver is needed for mine. This adds /dev/ttyusb. Check before and after plugging it in to be sure.

    From there, I just use "screen." So screen /dev/ttyusb 9600. Look at man screen for the commands you'll need or just point your serial terminal app to the port.

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