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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by niter, Oct 4, 2010.

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    I am surprised that the hardest thing about owning my iPad has been figuring out how to transport it! Originally, I purchased an STM case to carry it while I waited for my Dodocase to arrive. I LOVED the STM case as it was slim enough to fit in my work bag but had an accessory strap for when I headed out with only the iPad. Unfortunately, the dodcase+iPad combo does not fit.

    Asthetically, the Dodocase is the *perfect* case for me. However, the iPad will not stay in it when it is vertical (a common problem, I am finding). Also, I have noticed that mine will not stay upright for that perfect typing position as well as expected. Still, I love the case so much that I have overlooked these drawbacks for several months. I am at the point today that I realize it is silly to use a case that does not fit the purpose that I purchased it (protect and elevate for typing).

    I have read all the case threads extensively and I have figured I need to either go with a back protection (ie: Belkin Vue) and bag...or something that works the way I expected the Dodocase to work. I was looking at the convertible incase case--not the portfolio one. If I opt to follow the other route, are there products that are comparable to the Belkin Vue? I have seen it at my local Target for $30 but there are also options on that are considerably less.

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    Check out if you like the Dodocase. Trust me, you won't have any problems with it falling out. It protects the iPad very well (I've already had it fall out of my car and neither the case nor the iPad were damaged) and I love how it disguises the iPad to look like a book.
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    I've tried a bunch of different cases. For me I had several must haves in a case. I wanted a case with a secure typing stance as that is what I use 95% of the time. I wanted either very thin bezel or no bezel. And I also preferred leather. The Yoobao slim fits all my wants along with being very reasonably priced. The quality is also much better than I've experienced in other cases. I hope it holds up well. I've only had my cases for a couple of weeks. Another thread speaks of a Yoobao V2 that has peeling leather and a split binder after 4 months. I truly hope my slim holds up well as it took me many purchases to get to this one.
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    I have been using the Gecko cover for my ipod touch 2g and i found that it has work brilliantly. Strong yet flexible and at a $30 price with a screen protector i would think that its the best that i've had! I have tried a belkin but they dont really seem to work that well as a shock absorber.
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    My personal choice was the Jivo Executive Case and Stand. I chose it because it's hardwearing, the leather feels fantastic and it works really well as a stand. I also wanted something that didn't advertise the fact I was carrying an iPad too much and this looks like a folio so fits the bill perfectly.
    However, as others have already said, you really need to decide what you want from a case before choosing one
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    I know this is kinda bulky but its actually kinda cool. I have 2 of their MBP sleeves, good stuff. Thinking about giving this a try, Brenthaven's 5-in-1

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