Suggestion needed - best wireless "full" keyboard?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by DGord, Mar 25, 2015.

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    Just got a new Mini but I am still using the wired keyboard that came with my iMac in 2006 because I like the size/feel of the full sized keyboard and though I don't use it often, I like having the numeric key pad on the right side. I'd like to free up a USB port and get rid of the wire across the desk (more so now that I have a 27in monitor that is pushed back much further than where I had the old 21in iMac), but am not interested in the Apple wireless which looks a bit compact and low and doesn't have the numeric key pad.

    Any great recommendations of brands that pair well with Apple and do not need a connector (direct bluetooth)?

  2. lugesm, Mar 25, 2015
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    I have used the Kinesis Freestyle for several years and love it. Kinesis has introduced a bluetooth version in black. The Freestyle has all the Apple keys in the right places. It does not have a numeric keypad, but Kinesis offers a matching separate keypad. I have not used the Kinesis keypad.
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    I'd personally avoid the Kanex--it looks nice in pictures, but it's really all plastic, and the keys are awkward both in terms of how much pressure they need to register a press and in how they are spaced (some of the modifier keys are squished to make room for their ridiculously oversized home and search keys for mobile devices). It's also really easy to accidentally hit the power button on the keyboard (puts your Mac to sleep) or switch to another Bluetooth connection (disconnects from your Mac--the keyboard can "remember" up to three pairings and switch between them, which is probably its only advantage). I don't think there's a good full size Bluetooth keyboard available, so if you are about freeing up a USB port and not just getting rid of a cable,you might not have much luck. Consider a hub for a wireless receiver, or deal with the cable and use Apple's wired keyboard like I ended up settling on. :)
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    I am using this one from Logitech at work.

    It's wireless but uses Logitech's unifying usb receiver. It's not too bad. I think the keys are a little too thin in my opinion but it works and I also wanted a full size keyboard for work. If you don't mind black, price is not bad on Amazon right now.

    At home I use the Logitech K810 which is bluetooth (picked this up before the K811 was out). Any way I actually like this better than the K750 as the keys are a little thicker and provider better feedback. Don't need the full size at home so it works for better for me here. These can be had for about the same price, $45ish if you look around. The K811 is about $79 at Best Buy.

    Forgot to mention that you can use the app Karabiner to remap the keys on the K810 and make them function the keys the same as the K811.
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    Logitech K750

    I have the Logitech K750, and it works great!

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