Suggestions for a Mouse on 10.5?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by davidg4781, Jun 17, 2015.

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    I have a G4 iMac and G5 Power Mac that came with the older one button wired Apple mouse. I'm looking to get at least a 2 button mouse but was wondering which would be best. I'm looking at either Logitech, Macally's 3 button mouse, or Apple Mouse. Apple's Mouse is the most expensive, and it has that ball that fails, but is probably best supported.

    How does the Magic Mouse work on Leopard? I don't have BT but may add this, at least to the G5, to be able to use the Magic Mouse I already have (thinking of replacing it with a Magic Trackpad, I'm waiting for an update with Force Feedback).
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    I owned several of the Mighty Mouse and I loved them. The ball only got stuck if I didn't keep it clean so every couple of months I would take a little bit of windex and put it on a microfiber rag and clean it out really well. That always solved the problem.

    For me personally, the shape of the Magic Mouse hurts my hand so I'd try one out before getting it.
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    To get the Magic Mouse to work you need to install the wireless update. It's available on Apple's site.

    You can get BT 2.0 very easily. I have purchased two from this vendor on eBay. The one I link to is $8, but the first one I bought was #13 or so. The difference in the price is because of range. The $8 buy has less range. I got that one for my son. Still works very well.

    The one I have for my Quicksilver has enabled me to have BT for my Magic Mouse. I have zero issues with this adapter and it connects every reboot just as if I had a wired mouse attached.

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    Honestly, any generic two button, three button, or scroll wheel mouse works great under Leopard. I tend toward using the Mighty mouse(the one with the scroll ball), but have plenty of other computers using Dell, HP, or Gateway mice, as well as other brands. I've yet to find one that didn't work great, whether ball or optical.

    One nice thing about third party mice is that they generally just work as they would on a Windows system without manual set-up-i.e. right click and scroll work perfectly. With Apple mice, you have to go in and do things like enable right click(if you want it) although they are also a lot more flexible in what they can do.

    I've used my Magic Mouse with Powerbooks and it works fine, although you don't get inertial scrolling(by default) as you would in later versions of OS X. I think Altemose wrote a script that will enable this.
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    The Magic Mouse works great on Leopard. Software Update will install a mouse software update to give it full functionality. If you would like scrolling to be like in Snow Leopard and higher, check out my tool here.

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