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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Achiever, Feb 7, 2016.

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    My wife and I will soon be traveling to Aruba for a few days from the US. We both have iPhone 6s (and most current iOS) on Verizon plans. I have never travelled out of the US with my iPhone and wanted suggestions, especially for those who have been to Aruba, with how to best utilize the phone and data.

    Verizon has advised that if I simply used the phone, it would certainly quickly rack up hige roaming fees. That said, they have a "Travel Pass" plan that, for $10 per phone per "day" (it begins when I first use the phone and lasts 24 hours, so if for example I only use phone once on the trip, it would cap costs at $10) allows me to use my phone there exactly as I would at home with no additional fees or roaming charges incurred, and any data used would simply be data off my monthly plan as per usual.

    I know travelers abroad often get local SIMs and find it more cost effective. Can anyone give guidance on how useful or cost effective this is in Aruba? Or what networks work well/poorly there? Any help is appreciated.

    P.S. Anyone who has simply traveled to Aruba and wants to recommend a destination, restaurant or site, please feel free to do so, too. Thanks in advance!
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    Well, that $10 a day charge seems like a no brainer. That or just limit yourselves to wifi.
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    My parents have traveled to Aruba a few times over the past several years. My mom has an iPhone, but is not the most tech savvy. I simply advise her to keep the phone in airplane mode the entire trip and connect to wifi when need be.

    Are you going to use your phone for GPS/mapping purposes? I can't comment on how the cell networks are down in Aruba. But I know I typically just connect via wifi when I'm down in the Caribbean where it isn't a U.S. territory. I'm usually able to get by since I can use iMessage, FaceTime, check email, and social networks.
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    Can't guarantee access to wifi, plus hesitant to do much on a public wifi signal. $10 a day sounds cheap, but 2 phones and 5 days could be $100 with regular use. Wondering if a local SIM might be cheaper for a few gbs. I hear a lot about cheap SIMs in Europe, wondering if Aruba is similar.
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    Not sure when I will have access to wifi and not that comfortable doing a lot of personal stuff on a public signal. I don't know how much mapping/GPS I will need to do, but texting/phone likely to be needed, perhaps some mapping if we explore, plus the possibility of FaceTime, some social media and stuff, podcasts for listening on the beach, etc. a data option might be better for the short term, for the most part. I don't want to keep the phone in airplane mode all week.
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    Aruba has both 3G and 4G cellular networks. Prepaid SIM cards offer you the benefits of using your own phone at local rates. Simply replace your SIM card with a prepaid Aruba SIM card and you will be set to make phone calls and send sms messages, without paying excessively high roaming costs. Please note that your Aruba SIM Card will require a SIM-unlocked 900/1900 MHz compatible international cell phone.

    SIM cards cost about US$20, do not require a contract and can be bought at all Setar and Digicel teleshops. Both Setar and Digicel have a booth in the arrival hall at the airport. Micro SIM cards are also available for devices such as the iPhone and cost about US $22.50

    Prepaid cards are available in the amounts Afl. 5.-, Afl. 10,-, Afl. 15,-, Afl. 25,-, Afl. 35,- and Afl. 50,-. You can buy prepaid cards at almost all supermarkets, gas stations, bars, restaurants and in the Setar and Digicel teleshops.

    Prepaid data packages can be bought separately and can be used in combination with the Aruba SIM card. Prepaid data packages do not require a contract and can be purchased for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or 1 month.
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