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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by asuqb1, Nov 20, 2008.

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    Aug 25, 2008
    My business is growing and I am looking for suggestions from those with "Life Experience/Pain" as to what should be the next pieces I need to try to purchase... Currently have the "Extreme Basics" ONE - Sony HDV Camera, A Mac with Final Cut Studio 2, a few mics (One Rode NTG-@ directional condenser, and two studio wireless lapels, and one EV Dynamic N/D plus XLR cables) plus some on-location set stuff.

    We are producing programs for television including tape-delayed sports, tape-delayed entertainment events, and news/information programs... Currently all are done on location, but we are going to try and set up a small set. With this production load, several hours of on air time each week, what would be the next pieces you would purchase based on your own "Growing Pain" experiences?
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    Sep 18, 2008
    well for a set,
    my school has several cameras which are connected to a switchboard.
    This is what our studio has-maybe some of this stuff could help you out.

    -Green screen
    -get more mics, boom, lapel ect and then invest in a decent audio board.
    -lights, a light kit would be useful
    -and a couple external monitors.
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    You'll definitely need lighting for shooting in a studio. Pay a visit to a local TV station and look at their news set to get an idea of how much and the types of lighting they use just to make things look "normal" on the air.

    And as bki122689 says, you'll need an audio mixer as well as monitors (both video and audio). Once you have all that assembled, you'll have the basics.

    A typical studio will have:

    • sync generator
    • video switcher/DVE
    • multiple cameras (with CCUs)
    • waveform monitor and vectorscope
    • source, preview and program monitors for video
    • audio mixer and outboard sound processors (EQ, Compressor/Limiter)
    • nearfield audio monitors
    • a means of recording it all (master VTR plus iso VTRs for each camera)
    • lighting and a lighting control board
    • clean, filtered power source with adequate amperage
    • cabling for all the above
    • talented crew to run it all (director, technical director, sound mixer, camera operators, lighting director, etc)

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    Do you want to make a small studio or a small set?


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