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    Seriously... I'm wondering what to do!
    And in-order to get suggestions, I'd thought I'd ask you folks :)

    What would you do in my situation when your MacBook Pro's keyboard and trackpad fails? Would you...

    Option 1:
    Try to make repairs?
    Maybe buy a replacement topcase, keyboard, trackpad or logic-board:eek:
    (I'm pretty good with tools...)

    Option 2:
    Flog it for spares and parts?
    Cash goes towards a replacement (or a vacation).

    Option 3:
    Recycle the machine by ripping off it's head;
    selling the display - cause some other Joe would need it...
    use the reminder as a media server and store it on book case?

    Option 4:
    Recycle the machine by ripping off it's head;
    Rehouse the display and use it for a cheap TV in the toilet... :D
    Re-install MacOSX Client/Server use the base as a headless web developer on the network?
    Exchange the SuperDrive for a cheap opti-bay then install a additional HDD (possible RAID options)
    It's battery would act as a cheap UPS should a blackout occur... That's gotta be one up from a MacMini! ;)

    Option 5:
    Discard the unit and move on.

    Option 6:
    Other (please specify)
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    It depends on how comfortable you are with a screwdriver. If it is just a keyboard, they can be had for around $100.00, depending on the model. Check out
    I have used their guides to replace harddrives, etc.
    Good luck;)

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