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    I've been looking through all of the threads trying to figure out the current state of devices, researching what all works, reviews etc but I wanted to ask for some suggestions/opinions for my situation.

    I am currently in escrow on a new home purchase, we were able to get the model home but this particular builder isn't up on modern tech like some of the other home builders, so they didn't run networking cables or anything "smart" in the home. I'd like to outfit the home with some essentials and also make sure I'm getting the right stuff that will be compatible with future tech upgrades.

    I'm definitely a Apple household as we have 2x MBP's, an iMac, 2x ATV 4's, iPhones, iPads, etc... so I figured HomeKit compatibility is the best solution.

    The home is 2 floors, 2850sq feet in size. Here is what I am currently thinking:

    • Ubiquiti Unfi Networking Gear (1x Security Gateway, 1x POE Switch, 2x AC Access Points)
    • 2x Ecobee3 thermostats (one upstairs, one down)
    • Ring Doorbell Cam Pro (they say HomeKit coming this year)

    This is all I'm pretty well set on, but the next items I want to make sure I have is some sort of basic, self-installed security system, something that will sound a loud alarm if triggered, alert me on my phone, turn on lights, etc. So far, the only way I'm seeing that I can do this is to use the Insteon HomeKit hub which allows me to use all the Insteon door sensors, light sensors, etc. But it almost seems like the Insteon stuff is an after thought, designed for their own use and added HomeKit as an afterthought. Am I wrong in thinking this?

    Down the road I'll be swapping out more light switches/fan controllers/etc but my primary focus is security for now.

    Anyway, I'm open to suggestions for security system options and also for a smart door lock.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'd focus less on hard-wired networking, and more on full WiFi coverage, but plan to have a hard-wire from your router to some kind of device closet, because you'll be stocking up on various hubs, which (currently) mostly want Ethernet.

    The hubs don't need a huge pipeline, because there's not much data going back and forth... I plugged in a Home Power-Line extension kit down to my garage, and I have my hubs all mounted on a Tech board on the wall, and this has suited me just fine

    Also, I don't know if this might be a problem where you are, but my ISP router doesn't support Bonjour (mDNS)... I've had months and months of problems with devices/cameras hanging, remaining unresponsive, and I resolved it all by switching off my ISP Router's WiFi, and plugging in an Airport Extreme to do my WiFi. Haven't had a problem since!

    Elgato do a good range of sensors too, but they're all Bluetooth LE, which comes with it's own problems (range to AppleTV, and polling delay) As they don't have their own hub, or cloud service, I don't think you can really get notifications on actions, which you'd need to set up an alarm system, perhaps Insteon has a better solution than that?

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