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Discussion in 'macOS' started by dotbat, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. dotbat macrumors newbie

    Apr 12, 2010
    Greetings all, i have installed 10.6.2 on a 500g xternal fire wire drive. in doing a permissions repair i get this warning SUID file "System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/" has been modified and will not be repaired.
    Also when running a disk repair, after it runs and says all is ok, it then says "updating support partitions for the volume as required"
    i have 3 internal drives, partitoned and 2 externals
    Im installing on a macpro model 3.1. The drive was formatted with apples disk I want to run all my 64bit apps off of this drive. Ive not come across these warnings before, any ideas? thanx in advance
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    Aug 28, 2009
    Apple says the SUID message can be safely ignored..

    If something other than SUID was reported, that would raise flags. For example, if it said the owner was 501 instead of 0, I would look deeper. If it is only reporting the SUID there is nothing to worry about.

    In regards to the "Updating boot support partitions" message. There are hidden partitions such as the EFI partition that aid in boot process. Disk Utility is indicating that it is updating those volumes.
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    Apr 12, 2010

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