Summer Internship at Anchorage, Alaska. How is the city like?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by uspcommuter, Feb 21, 2006.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I am applying to a summer internship at Providence Medical Center in Anchorage, Alaska. I like the program alot, but one thing that I am not sure about is the life adjustment for 3 months. I come from the city of brotherly love (aka Philadelphia) and I am used to the 1million+ commuters everyday including weekends and everything walking distances. I know anchorage is not as big population wise, so it would be some adjustment for me. So what I need is for those who currently lived, travelled to, or migrated from anchorage. Tell me about the experience you have about the life in that city.

    Here are some of the things that I need to know:

    1. Is everything available walking distance? (Stuff like supermarkets, bookstore, coffee shops, local tavern:cool: etc)

    2. What is there to do that is not nature related? I know this might offend a few, but do realize I spend 20+ years of my life in the city so its hard to get that out. Don't get me wrong I like hiking and fishing but I am pretty attached to my cement sidewalk and movie theaters. :D

    Thank you so much for your help. Any experience, advices, stories and suggestions are deeply appreciated.
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    I was there for a few hours after I got off of my cruise in Whittier, went to the airport, and flew to Seattle before going off to Hawaii, so I remember it very vaguely - but it's very... um, exciting isn't the word I'd use. If you want some general stats and information, I'd try Wikipedia.
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    Apr 16, 2005
    I have lived in Eagle River, Alaska for all of my life and I will be blunt... You may be a lil less then enamored by the lil town of Anchorage. I can't say that I have been many places in the lower 48 except on short occasions, so in comparison to how it might be in Philadelphia, I'm not sure.

    Do you happen to know which part of Anchorage? Are you staying in a hotel for the whole 3 months or someone's home or at the Hospital, etc? Depending on where you are staying will dictate how easy it will be for you to get to a store, movies, entertainment, etc.

    Right across from Providence is a small "mall" with Fredmeyes and general other stores. A short walk(15 minutes) would bring you to some little restaurants, and 25 minutes(depending on your walking speed) will get you to the 5th Ave. Mall with a food court and stores like JCPenny, Gap, Nike, etc etc etc.

    If you want any higher scale resturants(above Red Robbins and Denny-esque ones), you will have to likely get a cab or a ride. Some I might recommend, depending on your tastes, are Romono's(Italian), Cattle Company(General, but an awesome Chocolate Fudge Cake), Sorrento's(Itallian), Sullivan's(Inside 5th Ave Mall, steakhouse type restaurant for dinner, less so during lunch), and maybe a few.

    For entertainment you are likely limited to movies, bowling, golf, H2Oasis(waterpark type place), fishing, hiking, and... well... There's "adult entertainment" about 10 minutes from Providence :rolleyes: Besides that I am not sure... If you like to read then I might bring/buy some books.

    Most every entertainment will be outside of walking distance, although a bike would enable you to get there, taking a cab might be easier/faster.

    If you have a more specific idea of where you will be housed then I might be more able to tell you what's within distance. Hope you manage to have a fun time. I love it here, but I don't do much besides hang out with friends, homework, and movies and bowling. City life isn't something I have experience with.

    If you have any more questions I'll try and be more specific if you want. Tight schedule at a moment.

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