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    I hate to post what amounts to an advertisement for a product but if you've not yet seen "Virtual Box" it's worth a look. I have no interest in this other then as a user who is currently evaluating it. Virtual Box is a direct competitor to both Fusion and Parallels. It can do most of what the others can do. The biggest difference is the price. Virtual Box is free. It runs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

    Sun Microsystems, Inc. recently bought this and makes it available for free. I can only guess what they have to gain from this. It's free to use but you have to pay for customer support if you want it. That's the model Sun is using for much of their software now. Like Apple, Sun is a hardware company. I guess making their operating system (Solaris) and much of their software free helps to drive sales of their very expensive hardware. If I were selling Fusion or Parallels I'd be worrying.

    Check it out here:

    Other thoughts. Sun and Apple has cooperated in the past. Leopard has some of Suns best software incorporated into it. Dtrace and ZFS were written my Sun. Woudn't it be great if Apple made Virtual box a standard feature in a future version of Mac OS X. There is a lot od possable synergy between Sun and Apple. One is big in the Entrprize and one on the desktop. The companies are a lot a like except for their target markets.
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    I got both of my Parallels editions free after rebate. Meh.
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