Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro (iPhone 6+) - First Thoughts

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    I received my Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro (iPhone 6+) today and thought I'd offer my initial thoughts for anybody else considering buying one.
    (Disclaimer up front: I don't work for Supcase, Amazon, Apple or any other affiliated company, and have no financial interest in this case. Not a paid review, just a satisfied customer.)

    I ordered through Amazon, requested two-day shipping and it was, indeed, delivered in two days as promised. It was neatly packaged in a rather plain cardboard box, with protective sheets installed over both the front and back of the screen protector. Inside the box was a piece of paper with a QR code you can scan which takes you to a YouTube video showing how to install the case. Installation is quick and easy - you pull the rubber case away from the plastic front shell to separate them, put your phone into the shell, then re-install the rubber case around it.

    The case itself resembles an Otterbox in appearance, although it's nowhere near as bulky. It has a hard plastic shell which covers the front of the phone and a rubber case covering the back and four sides, providing full coverage. All buttons and ports are covered, with flaps for the Lightning and headphone ports, as well as the ringer/mute switch. The power and volume up/down buttons are fully covered, yet responsive and easy to use - the pressure needed doesn't feel any different than using them without any case at all. The Home/Touch ID button is uncovered, as is the speaker, microphone and proximity sensor at the top of the phone. The one minor nit I'll pick is that the flap covering the Lightning port is a bit stiff, necessitating that I hold it back with one hand while plugging the cable in with the other. Hopefully it will break in and soften up after a bit of use.

    On the back, the camera and flash LEDs are uncovered. The port around them is large enough that it shouldn't create any strangeness from the flash or vignette the camera lens. The case is thick enough that the camera lens is protected (elevated above flush) when lying the phone on its back. The back of the case has a metallic, kind of industrial look, with six small rubber 'feet' to aid against slippage.

    The plastic screen protector is similar to what you'll find in an Otterbox Defender or LifeProof Frē case - a semi-rigid sheet which covers the entire screen. If you look at the reflection from it in direct sunlight, you can see the tiny dots which, I've read, are there to enhance the touch sensitivity, but they're not at all visible when using the phone. In direct light there is a noticeable "oil slick" effect under the protector after installation, but it's not visible when the phone is turned on/in use. The protector sits flush against the screen with no discernible gap and although I've read differing opinions in others' reviews, I don't find that it decreases touch sensitivity in the least during operation. I'm able to slide, tap, flick and type just as effortlessly as on the 'naked' iPhone screen, and I don't feel any gap or movement of the screen protector while doing so. I find it to be better than the screen protector on the Otterbox Defender and about on par with the LifeProof Frē. This was the thing I had the biggest doubts about when ordering the case, so I'm pleased to find out that it's not an issue. It does definitely collect and show fingerprints/smears much more easily than the iPhone's glass screen - a minor issue to me, but may bother others. I can't offer any opinion yet on how scratch-resistant it may or may not be - too soon for that.

    The lip of the case surrounding the screen sits up far enough to offer protection if the phone is set (or lands!) face down, but not so high that it looks awkward or feels like it interferes with use of the phone. The material of the rubber casing is pretty firm - definitely more "grippy" than the phone itself, but not so soft that it gathers lint and sticks to your pocket when pulling your phone out. There are shallow diagonal lines molded into the edges of the rubber case to increase the grip. Personally I could do with the rubber being a bit softer for even a more secure grip, but it's an improvement over the naked phone, or even most minimalist hardshell cases.

    A plastic belt clip holster is included, which is very similar to the Otterbox Defender's holster. The clip rotates to accommodate various positions, but does not lock open to form a 'kickstand'. Like Otterbox's offering, the phone is held in the holster by a plastic tab along the side of the phone and seems to hold it securely. The phone will fit in the holster with the screen facing outward, but it doesn't feel as secure as when it's worn as intended, with the screen facing inward. The beveling on the sides of the case is asymmetrical, with a larger bevel toward the back than the front.

    For being as protective as it is, the case adds minimal bulk to the iPhone - as I said earlier, it's much thinner/smaller than an Otterbox Defender, perhaps a bit bulkier than a LifeProof Frē, but if so, not by much. Aesthetically, it has the look of a "heavy duty" case, but doesn't look/feel like a big plastic/rubber brick in the hand. While it's not bulky, neither is it svelte or stylish and it shows almost nothing of the actual phone encased within it, so it will probably grossly offend the senses of those who insist on having their phone "naked" to caress its sensuous curves and show it off to anybody who will look. While this case is total overkill for anybody whose phone is mainly used in clean, dry, "safe" environments, those whose phones live more perilous/adventurous lives will find the tradeoff of prettiness for protection acceptable, IMO. My phone goes with me to a lot of dirty, dusty and/or wet places, gets bumped/rattled around and generally leads a tough life, so I need the extra protection and willingly accept the tradeoffs that entails.

    Overall: It's early (I've only used it for half a day), but my initial impression is that I like the case. At $23, it's much cheaper than an Otterbox or LifeProof case, yet doesn't look or feel like a cheap, junky knockoff - in fact, I'd rate the quality as being on par with, or better than, the Otterbox cases. It doesn't appear to offer near the dirt/dust/water protection of a LifeProof (nor does it claim to), but since LP hasn't released their iPhone 6+ case yet and don't have any projected date to do so, I wanted a case which would hold me over and offer more protection than a minimalist case. It adds minimal bulk to the phone, but offers enough grip and protection that I don't feel like I have to handle the phone with kid gloves.

    This case most likely won't be the 'final answer' for me - that will probably be LifeProof, or whoever else eventually comes up with a quality dust/waterproof case for the 6+; but for anybody else looking for a good quality case which offers at least decent protection against rough use, this one's worth a try and won't hurt your wallet.

    Stock photos from Supcase and further information: Amazon: Supcase Unicorn Beetle PRO for iPhone 6+
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    Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro (iPhone 6+) - First Thoughts

    I have for regular 6 and feel about how you do. Great case for the money and MUCH LESS bulky than overpriced Otterbox.

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1416965789.561261.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1416965801.516046.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1416965813.088491.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1416965823.710082.jpg

    Worked perfect popping out built in screen protector for use with my Zagg Glass... And even accommodates a Slick Wraps back wrap, too.

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